RockBonding Trips



  Location: Dusy Ershim Trail

  Date: Sept 14th thru 17th

  Logistics: 32 miles of trail, from Courtright Reservoir to Kaiser Pass

  Number of rigs: 9

  Participants: 17


This trip started with 9 rigs, 5 rigs finished the trip. Unfortunately two vehicle never made it to the trail head. We are all extremely happy that Edmund was able to personally let us know that his trip would not get past Sacramento. Two other rigs had to use the buddy system to return home. Thompson hill was very fun and the lone challenge of the trip.


v  Start trip in Sacramento/San Jose on Friday morning, Sept 14th. Meet near Fresno

v  Camped at the east end of Courtright Reservoir on Sept 14th.

v  Camped at Thompson Lake on Sept 15th.

v  Lunch at Ershim Lake on Sept 16th.

v  Camped near Kaiser Pass on Sept 16th.

v  Head for home on Sept 17th.