RockBonding Trips



  Location: Dusy Ershim Trail

  Date: Oct 1st thru 5th

  Logistics: 32 miles of trail, from Courtright Reservoir to Kaiser Pass

  Number of rigs: 9

  Participants: 17


This trip started with 9 rigs, 8 rigs finished the trip. Unfortunately Rob twisted a rear axle shaft on Chicken rock and then blew the power steering hose on top of Chicken rock. On our last night we camped about two miles on the Kaiser pass side of Ershim lake. Got 6 or so inches of snow on the last night. Very slow going to get out. One roll over. Found two rigs just sitting, their drivers had no clue where they were going. The trail was difficult to find over the 10,000 foot pass. Several rigs running low on gas, all gas cans were emptied. When we got to the pavement at Kaiser Pass the Sharif had the road closed. Since he could not believe we came from Ershim Lake, he just let us keep going. Lots of fun, all is well that ends well.




Fun in the snow

     Video1 - Calassa

     Video2 - Calassa

     Video3 - Blueberry

      Video4 - Greenhorn