14 years of management experience supported by 25 years in mechanical product design and analysis. A broad range of product experience resulting in excellent problem solving skills. Experience with thermal design and mechanical packaging needs for RF and digital electronic products. Self-motivated with a high level of initiative.


Mechanical management, Project lead, or Sr. Staff Design position


Lockheed Martin Missiles & Space May 2004 to Present

Program Manager (Systems Engineer, Prin)

BeamReach Networks (Wireless Telecommunications) April 2000 to Aug 2003

Manager, Mechanical Engineering

Radix Technologies (Military Airborne RF systems) Jan 98 to April 2000

Manager, Mechanical Engineering

Lockheed Martin Missiles & Space (Space systems) Jan 87 to Jan 98

Mechanical Engineering Specialist, Antenna Products Jan 96 to Jan 98

Systems Engineer, Advanced Studies July 92 to Dec 95

Thermodynamics Design Engineer, Sr (Heat transfer specialist) Jan 87 to July 92


         8 years experience with sheet metal, plastic injection modeling, extrusions, die & sand castings, machined metals/plastics, rapid prototyping, dip and vacuum brazing.

         8 years experience with EMI design techniques ranging from 30 to 95dB of isolation up to 5 Ghz.

         16 years experience with thermal design of electronic systems; including heat sink and heat pipe application.

         7 years experience with NEBS, UL60950, EIA-310, IEEE 1101-10, VME, MIL-STD-810, and IPC standards.

         Skilled with management and presentation software; MS-Project, Powerpoint, Excel, MS-Word.

         Experience using SolidWorks, AutoDesk Mechanical Desktop, AutoCad, and SDRC's Ideas 3D CAD solutions.

         Familiar with Icepak, CFDesign, Qfin, BETAsoft, Thermal Desktop, RadCad, FlowCad, and DesignSpace(Ansys) analytical tools.



Principal Investigator for the SBIRS HEO Block II upgrade. Technical lead for study effort to develop next generation satellite solution. Study effort includes spacecraft and ground solutions, life cycle cost, and transition plan.


Management of existing design development groups and successfully staffed new groups. Developed schedule/budget, project status, and product cost analysis. Prepared and presented design review packages to all levels of management. Emphasis placed on reducing schedule risks caused by undefined requirements and creep.

         Manage Military Ag/Zn battery $15M qualification and $190M production programs. Includes two subcontracts.

         Manage 5 to 27 people in product development and new business areas.

         Negotiated/executed 10+ commercial subcontracts ranging from $50k to $250k per project within budget. Typical products include heat exchangers, outdoor environmental enclosures, fan trays, a consumer desktop box industrial design effort, and thermal analyses subcontracts.

         Specific activities executed include writing Statement of Work, requirement flow down, trade studies, design, prototype fabrication, documentation, agency certifications, and reliability test requirements (HALT).

         Schedules and budgets developed to follow the framework of company Product Life Cycle (PLC).

         Commercial development cycles range from 6 months to 2 years, budgets ranged from $1.5M/yr to $4M/yr.

         Implemented the HALT test philosophy into the product development process.

         Developed document control and part identification framework for a startup company.

         Developed departmental level design standards and processes for a startup company.

         Successfully researched, selected, and implemented department level ERP system with the ability to control material stock and BOM's, run MRP, and perform product cost analyses. Authored detailed user manual and provided training to all users.


         Developed packaging for wireless telecommunication system: transceiver assembly for indoor and outdoor CPE use, 7' EIA compliant equipment rack for 9Ux220 digital and RF circuit cards, ranging from 50 to 125 watts, subracks from 2U to 22U, N+1 architecture, hot swappable PWA's and custom fan tray. Custom card files to accommodate hot swappable RF power modules dissipating 125 watts. Agency compliance to; UL60950, UL50, FCC, GR-63, GR-1089, and GR-487 standards.

         Designed, analyzed, and developed various packages for military airborne electronics (forced and ram air cooled) for the U2 and other conventional platforms. Including, an RF chassis with an actively controlled air baffle system and Ram air heat exchangers, and several other conventional chassis utilizing forced air heat exchangers. All PWA's modules were conduction cooled. Five projects were completed in a single 18-month period.

         Author product requirement documents, specification control documents, source control documents, PWA criteria drawings, detailed analysis specifications, and test plans.

         Developed and implemented box level cooling techniques ranging from forced air, to natural convection; including conduction and radiation (infrared, sky, and solar spectrums) modes of heat transfer.

         Design custom electronic chassis and modules, heat exchangers, heatsinks, PWA ejectors, and front panels.

         Defined PWA and PCB level thermal / mechanical design specifications.

         Emphasis placed on hand calculations (thermal, structural, EMI) for early design guidance and risk identification.

         Developed 3D assembly models, detailed and assembly drawings, cable drawings, BOM's, wiring diagrams, and drawing trees. Specify plating and other drawing notes per company standards. Generate ECO/ECN packages.

         Work with NPI groups to ensure manufacturability.


New Business Support: Key contributor for a spacecraft design integration team consisting of 4 people. Performed a wide range of integration tasks to study future system architecture's for Milstar III (Military communications satellite), Space Based IR System (Infrared sensor platform), and other government programs. Supported payload/spacecraft bus concept trades. Prepared and presented briefings to government customers.

         Prepare and present briefings to government customers at the highest levels.

         Coordinated spacecraft concept trades, hardware selections, and analyses for: the orbit coverage simulations, command & data handling, attitude control/knowledge, electrical power, propulsion, structures, and thermal systems.

         Perform preliminary subsystem sizing to support satellite payload/booster trades and requirement flowdown.


Antenna Products: As a Mechanical Engineer participated in the development of products in an R&D environment to support future company needs. Projects included a 45watt-60GHz solidstate amplifier, Quad-rid horn, and a 60GHz flat panel reflector. Responsibilities included; mechanical requirement definition, conducting mechanical/thermal feasibility and material trades, creating detailed design and drawings, performing RF verification tests in a near field test range.


Graphite/Epoxy Structure and Thermal Radiator Panels: Responsible for theoretical and experimental investigations leading to the material selection that demonstrated thermal heat transfer characteristics equivalent to Aluminum. Utilize analytical techniques that allow finite difference modeling to demonstrate anisotropic behavior. Developed subscale panel thermal vacuum/balance and demonstrated performance by test.


General Heat Transfer Support. Perform thermal design, detailed analyses, and testing of telecommunication, airborne military electronic and satellite systems. Thermal design knowledge of; heat pipe systems, composite structures, 100MHz to 18GHz antennas, and solar arrays. Determine by computer analyses; thermal responses, heater power consumption, and design sensitivities. Provided more than 2500 hours of man-in-the-loop test support.


Special Programs Award (April 96): Recognized by Lockheed special programs office for Outstanding contribution to the success of the Titan IV-16 Mission.

Customer Commendation (Oct 91): Outstanding support of flight operation anomalies through personal commitment to excellence.

In Pursuit of Excellence Awards (Mar 91) and Presidents (Feb 92): For recognition of outstanding achievement in product innovation for the graphite/epoxy spacecraft bus project.

EDUCATION: B.S. Mechanical Engineering, California State University at Chico, 1986




SCI from 1988 to 1998, 2005 to present